Edward Teach better known as Blackbeard is the pirate whose very name strikes fear into the plastic hearts of all other Minifigure Pirates. As the ruthless brickthirsty Captain of The Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Ship, Blackbeard uses dark magic and the legendary Sword of Triton to terrify anyone who dares to sail in his path. He is counting on his daughter Angelica to find the Fountain of Youth before a prophecy about his death by the claw of a one-legged man comes true.


With Blackbeard, you can fire voodoo energy balls that smash LEGO bricks and make other minifigures fight your enemies for you. When on the business end of the Sword of Triton in the final battle of On Stranger Tides- Chapter 5, it switches your controls for a few moments so when you push left you move right, when you push forward you go back and vice versa. In all other instances where you meet Blackbeard in Story Mode, he will use the red voodoo energy to push you back when you approach him. You can use these energy bolts playing as Blackbeard to build nearby bricks from a distance and only as Blackbeard you can manipulate black and red bricks. Swinging the sword regularly, you can beat most minifigures in one hit. Furthermore, Blackbeard has super strength allowing him to pull orange levers in Free Play mode and lift other minifigures up and toss them about.