Hector Barbossa is the oldest and cruel captain of The Black Pearl. He is one of the protagonists in The Pirates of the Caribbean video game but is one of the antagonist in The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Captain Barbossa is a brutish pirate captain underneath his classy, gentlemanly façade. He’s after riches, revenge and freedom from curses, but he especially can’t keep his hands off the Black Pearl. Haunted by supernatural terrors of the sea, he always manages to cheat death somehow. All of his treasures are at his secret hideout Isla de Muerta.

This variation of Barbossa is a playable character as well as a boss in Curse of the Black Pearl- Chapter 5 where you can only attack him once he has become a skeleton.

Captain Barbossa is back! Well, at least most of him is. Don’t be fooled by his limp or missing limb, this pegleg pirate still won’t be slowed in the race for the Fountain of Youth or to avenge the loss of his leg by hunting down the man he blames for his demise, Blackbeard. Barbossa is reformed from his outlaw ways and now sails under the flag of the Crown, as a privateer charged with finding the Fountain of Youth.

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