Once you have collected 24 gold bricks you can build a part of a mechanism on the far side of the Port. Once
you have built this you can roll a barrel across allowing you to open the door of the shack. Once you are in there are 2 ropes on the side get both characters to pull them(by jumping) to open the curtain go up the stairs behind the curtain and you will reach the Character Customization area. You can customize up to 12 characters and share them by giving your friends a generated code.

You can customize

  • Face
  • Head
  • Hat
  • Hair
  • Shirt
  • Belt
  • Arms
  • Shorts
  • Weapon
  • Name
  • Hands


These are codes people have made for other people, please state the code and which console it was made on.

  • FHJCGBDD-Wii (by Tama63)
  • CLLLTYCBDT-Wii (By Lord Law)