How are you able to free the crab in Port Royal?

You will need to use a character that is able to go under water to free the crab in the cage.

How can you open the Silver Chest in London Town?

You will need to use Marty’s Gun to open the chest.

How do you jump on a barrel?

You need to use the same button to control your character to jump onto the barrel.

How do you get through the small doors?

You will need to use Marty to get through the small doors.

How do you change your character?

You will need to press the Y button on your Xbox 360 controller (Triangle button on PS3) to bring up your character roster.

Where can I get the 2 items in “A Touch of Destiny”?

You will need to feel the alligator three times instead of blowing him up. Second, you will need to head to the next area and use the compass to find the fish.

Which character do you need to destroy thing object?

You will need to use Marty.

What is the Hub Area / Village?

The Hub Village will serve as a safe point for your scared adventurers. You will be able to head over to the hub and check on your process. You will also be able to restart missions and buy some new characters and items.

What is the Souvenir Shop?

You will be able to stop at the Souvenir Shop to have a look at what you have completed. Such as the bottles in a mission. Once you have collected all of the TEN BOTTLES in a mission your will be rewarded with a small item.

What is the Dock?

You will be able to head to the dock if you would like to see how your progress is coming along with the game. You will need to use the Dockmaster’s book to have a look to see how far along you are along. This will also include your playing time. Make your way to the docked ship, this will allow you to select your available missions.

What is the Tailor Shop?

When you arrive at the Tailor shop, you will be able to pick out: Outfits, equipment such as weapons and change your abilities. This will allow you to build your perfect adventurer.

What is the Tavern?

When you visit the Tavern, you will be able to have a look at the cinematics or buy a few new items. You will be able to come back to the Tavern when you need to spend some of your studs. There are Characters and Hints available to buy.

When you return to port you can buy characters as the are walking around, walk into them and you’ll see a button above their heads (on Xbox 360 it’s B & on PS3 it’s Circle) and then you can purchase them. For certain pirates, you’ll need to fight them first before you can buy them.

Where can you find the Tavern?

You will be able to find the Tavern if you go through the left-hand gate from the port. You can only enter the Tavern if you have collected 12 Gold Bricks.

What is Story Mode?

Playing the Story Mode will fill you with the adventures of Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow and many more famous characters. When playing in Story Mode, you will be able to use each of the characters to play the missions. In the Story Mode there are many little collectibles hiding around. Once you have finished playing Story mode, you will be able to unlock some more new characters. You will be able to revisit the same scenes when you come back and play in Free Play.

What is Free Play?

Once you have completed your game, you will be able to revisit your completed game! You will be able to combine your characters to figure out the new access areas. You will also be able to get your hands on some new collectibles that have been hidden.

Before you start your Free Play game, you will be able to select a character from your roster, the character you choose will be able to help you through your Free Play missions.

How is progress tracked?

Before you start a new mission, you will be able to have a look at the progress you have made in the previous mission. You’ll also be able to track it by looking it up in the Hub Area / Village.

Where are Ship Bottles?

In each of the games’ 20 missions you will be able to collect 10 ship bottles. That means you will be able to collect 200 ship bottles total. There are 10 ship bottles in each mission, and these “Ships In A Bottle” pieces are what in previous Lego games were called Minikits.

What is True Pirate?

In Story Mode and Free Play, you will be able to collect studs, these studs will fill the True Pirate bar at the top of the screen. If you have filled the bar by the end of the mission you have completed your True Pirate mission.

Where are the Red Bricks?

In Lego Pirates the Red Bricks have been renamed to Red Hats to fit the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. In each of the missions, there is ONE Red Brick / Hat. You will need to collect the 20 Red Bricks / Hats to unlock particular characters. This is when you will need to head back over to the Tavern to purchase your Characters.

Where can I get Characters?

When you start your game, you will only have a handful of character to play with. You will be rewarded some of the characters when you have good progress through the game. You will need to buy most of your characters from the Tavern.

In each mission there are four Character Tokens, these tokens are hidden throughout the game. Once you have collected a Character Token you will be able to head over to the Tavern and purchase a newly unlocked character. There are 64 Character Tokens to collect. They are very important to expand your character roster.


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