Lian, bathouse cutscene

Lian, along with her sister Park, serve Captain Sao Feng as being his beautiful but deadly bodyguard. She and her sister are always by her master's side. She is a high danger with her powerful martial arts. She and her sister are crew members of the The Empress.

Lian uses a whip as weapon.

Lian can be purchased in the port by paying 100.000 studs, after completing Singapore.

Abilities: High jump


Lian is seen in one of the Singapore cutscenes, which is in the bath house. She and her sister are seen as Sao Feng's personal attendants and masseuse. Both of them are dressed Feng, and have Feng styled hair. In At World's End, she was present when Elizabeth Swann and Hector Barbossa visited. However, the meeting went from bad to worse when a group of EITC soldiers led by Ian Mercer barged into the bath house. Mercer aimed his pistol at Elizabeth Swann but William Turner pushed her out of the way and the bullet hit Park instead killing her instantly. Determined to avenge Park's death, Lian ambushed Mercer in a small shop stand. Although she managed to stab Mercer in the shoulder with a chopstick, Mercer pushed Lian to the ground and although she struggled, shot her dead.

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