Half minifigure and half underwater figure, Mermaids reside at Whitecap Bay, where their slippery family is said to lure sailors down into the deadly depths. While they appear lovely and sweet, mermaids are cold hearted man-eating beasts that strike fear in the hearts of sailors and pirates alike.

The tear of a mermaid is required for the Profane Ritual. The person that drinks the silver chalice with a mermaid tear, will receive all the years of the other person that drinks the other silver chalice.

Mermaids were left to die at the Jungle pools, trapped in enough water to keep them in their aquatic form, but not enough water to survive.


Mermaids may look beautiful and innocent, but do not let yourself get too confident with them, they vicious, evil, sinister creatures which have the strength to destroy ships in seconds. Most mermaids have bright green tails and blonde hair. When angry, screaming, or attacking, their faces become hideous and grow scales and gills.

In Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game, the mermaids have a hairstyle just like the hair of Syrena and it is a bright yellow. Her minifigure form looks the same but has a different hair style and it is blonde.

Mermaid Abilities

Mermaids can shatter glass objects and ice with their piercing shriek. This scream has the power to make people fall in love with her or others can hear her voice as a shriek and walk away from the mermaid.

Mermaids can breathe underwater and they use a whip made out of seaweed to attack enemies.

As girls, mermaids can double jump.

When on land, mermaids have legs covered in scales but when they go into water, they sprout fish-like tails.