Minikits, or Ships-in-a-bottle, are hidden objects in all Levels.

Minikits are in every Lego game, and the only difference between other Lego Games and Lego Pirates, is that they are a ship in a bottle, and not a Treasure Chest (Indiana Jones) or a small can (Star Wars and Batman).

You usually have to use Free Play to find most Minikits, but a few are actually accessible in Story Mode.

If you find all 10 Minikits, at the end of your level, it will build a ship, and give you a Gold Brick, and many Studs. Then in the Port game hub level past the right golden gate, if you break the bottle of the level you got all 10 of, you get the minikit ship and you can ride it in the little cove there.

Note: You cannot find all minkits in Story Mode, as some minikits require Abilities not held by characters in Story Mode.


Image of Gameplay