Park standing next to Sao Feng.

Park is one of Sao Feng's beautiful but deadly bodyguards. She is always by her master's side, with her other twin sister Lian. She is a high danger with her powerful martial arts and sword fighting. She and her sister are crew members of the The Empress.

Park uses two swords as weapons (duel weld).

Park can be purchased in the port by paying 100.000 studs, after completing Singapore.

Abilities: High jump, sword crank


Park is seen in one of the Singapore cutscenes, which is in the bathhouse. She and her sister are seen as Sao Feng's personal attendants and mausseuse. Both of them are dressed Feng, and have Feng styled hair.


Park is in Singapore when Barbossa and Elizibeth Swann visit. The meeting turns sour when a group of EITC soldiers led by Ian Mercer burst into the bathhouse. Mercer aims his pistol at Elizibeth to kill her but Will Turner pushes her out of the way and the bullet hits Park instead, killing her instantly. Lian is killed shortly afterward by Mercer as well.

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