Port Royal is the first island you're introduced to, and home to the Royal Navy.

Will Turner vs. Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow visits the island to ' comondeer ' a ship. But he is caught by James Norrington and escapes his grasp. He then retreats to a local blacksmith shop but is confronted by Will Turner. They share a brief duel until the navy comes. Mr. Brown takes full credit for the arrest though. Jack is then sent to prison.

Raid of Port Royal

Later that night, the Black Pearl and her crew lead by Hector Barbossa come to raid the island in search of the last piece of aztec gold. Will and the navy soldiers do what they can but it's no use since the crew is invincible. They kidnap Elizabeth Swann Turner, steal the medallion, knock out Will, and leave the island

Stealing of the Interceptor

Will Turner wakes up and remembers that Elizabeth was captured. He goes to the jails and makes a deal with Jack. Will frees him and they escape the jails. They fight their way through some soldiers, and then steal the Interceptor. But first they sabotage the Dauntless.